Biyernes, Enero 6, 2012

Simple Paragraph

“I Love to Eat”

Eating is my passion. I love to eat because foods give me strength. It also gives me satisfaction. Another, it gives me way to escape. These are the three reasons why I love to eat.

First from the list is, I love to eat because food gives me strength. Of course, it does. It is due to the nutritional value the foods have inside. We get our daily energy from these nutrients. It is now up to our body on how it will process the vitamins and minerals. Thus, it makes us alive and alert all the day.

Second, foods give me satisfaction. In what way? It satisfies the cravings of my tongue and the needs of my stomach. Those cravings are the result of my envy to those mouthwatering food commercials on television. It makes die just to find ways on how can I have a taste of it. Hence, as I taste the foods of my dream, I could think of my life being a hundred percent complete.

            And the last reason from the list, foods give me way to escape. These foods aren’t not just only for the satisfaction of my tongue and mouth, but to also satisfy my innate mood and feelings due to the stressors in life. It makes me happy every time my cravings are being supplemented. Whenever problem approaches, I could rely on eating many possible foods that my money can buy to divert my feelings toward the delicious tastes of the foods.

            I know that we all love to eat. And sometimes, we do it even if it is more than the limitations that our stomach can hold. But do not forget to still be aware on what we eat so it won’t harm the health status of our sacred body. For you, can you tell me why you love to eat?

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